Faces Makeup and Hair would like to thank our Sydney and surrounding makeup and hair styling clients and their videographers who have graciously provided these samples.  Feel free to browse these samples of our clients from their wedding days and engagement portrait sessions!

  • Jackie & Casey's Wedding

    Jacie & Casye's Wedding - 9 May 2015. Video by Beani Photography. Makeup and hair by Stella & Hannah.

  • Dahlia and Stephen's Wedding

    Dahlia's and Stephen's Wedding - 21 September 2013. Video by Le Motion Wedding Films. Makeup and Hair by Stella & Holly.

  • Lisa and Anson's Wedding

    Lisa and Anson's Wedding - 12 October 2013. Video by Anna Zhu Photography and Film.

  • Trish and Mike's Wedding

    Trish and Mike's wedding - 6 April 2013. Video by Tedy Sutanto.

  • Stella and Alister's Wedding

    Stella and Alister's wedding - 17 March 2013. Video by Encore Media.

  • Marilyn and Richard's Wedding

    Marilyn and Richard's Wedding on 9 March 2013. Video by Ches Ferro.

  • Wing and Colin's Wedding

    Wing and Colin's Wedding on 2nd March 2013. Video by Encore Media. Bride's makeup and hair by Holly @ Faces Makeup and Hair.

  • Kayan and Thai's Wedding

    Kayan and Thai's Wedding - 17 Nov 2012. Video by Encore Media Video Production.

  • Hoi and Dom's Wedding

    Hoi and Dom's Wedding - 11 November 2012. Video by Clarzzique.

  • Hoi and Dom's Engagement Video

    Hoi and Dom's Engagement Video from September 2012. Video by Clarzzique.