Why choose Faces Makeup and Hair?

Experienced stylists

Each of our senior stylists has a minimum of 5 years of experience in the makeup and hairstyling industry.  In particular, we are very popular for wedding bookings.  We typically have wedding bookings every weekend.  During peak wedding seasons (March to May, September to November) we could be booked for up to 7 appointments on a single weekend.  Our stylists know everything that you need to know on how you can look and feel your best on your special day.

Premium products

Different stylists have different preference as to the products they use.  This is particularly true to our team because of the versatile background of our stylists.  In line with our premium image, it is our policy not to endorse any supermarket brands.  In addition, we never use any products that are of unknown origin.

Products used by our team include Gorgeous Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown, NARS, Stila, Shu Uemura, Clinique, MAC, Urban Decay, Too Faced and more.

We are proud to be an authorised stockist of Gorgeous Cosmetics - a preimium Australian cosmetics brand developed by the Academy of Makeup for professional makeup artists.


Our principal stylist Stella has a doctorate in biological sciences and so we all follow a stringent hygienic regime.  We use disposable products (such as mascara wands and sponges) whenever possible.  We never use our brushes on our clients without first sanitising them.

Friendly and helpful serivce

We understand how important your special day is to you, so we listen and do our best to make you look and feel beautiful and confident.  We are not only skilled but also punctual and more importantly, very cheerful!

Our services do not stop at makeup and hair.  We do everything we can to assist you.  In the past, we have helped our clients with finding wedding dresses, photographers and videographers in the last minutes. We have even helped our clients to map out a reception run sheet.  Think of us as your walking encyclopedia.



What is a trial? Must I book a trial?

A trial is a 3-hour session (1.5 hours makeup, 1.5 hours hairstyling) for you to get to know us, and for us to understand exactly what you have in mind.  We also provide you with professional advice of the styles that would suit you most.  It is more than just makeup and hair - we are keen to discuss with you about your skin, sun protection, colour theme, and help you to plan the schedule for your special day. Trial is not mandatory but is highly recommend to make sure we can bring out the best in you.

How many styles can I try in one trial session?

We will fit in as many as we can do in the 3-hour session.  Typically we can do 2 makeup styles and 2 hair styles in 3 hours.

What do I wear to a trial?

Comfortable outfit with a similar colour to your special day outfit.  This will enable us to see how the tone and intensity of your makeup interact with the colour of your dress.

What else do I need to prepare for the trial?

Before a makeup trial, avoid wearing makeup or sunscreen.  If you plan to wear contact lenses on your special day, wear them to the trial as well.  One-day old hair is usually best for hair styling.  Wash and dry your hair on the night prior.  It is a good idea to bring your inspiration pictures.  If you have any hair accessories (such as a veil) that you are planning to use, please bring them to the trial to find out whether they would work with the hairstyle you want.

Can I bring a friend?

You are welcome to bring one friend or a family member with you. We advise against bringing too many people, or bringing a very opinionated friend because we may run the risk of creating a makeup and hairstyle that your friend likes, and not what you would like.

Can I do photoshoot with my photographer after the trial?

In a trial we aim to provide you with different styles to choose from, meaning that we will be changing your makeup and hairstyle a few times.  By the end of the trial session the result will not be of perfect photographic quality.  You should book a separate makeup and hairstyling session for your photoshoot.


Booking Procedures

How do I secure booking for my special day?

The Faces Makeup and Hair Team provides superior quality services and as such we are in high demand all year round.  Bookings can only be secured by paying a non-refundable deposit.  Please note that filling in an enquiry form, asking for a quotation or booking for a trial does not guarantee the date will be vacated for you.

The deposit required is 50% of your entire booking.  Once this deposit is received we will reject other jobs that conflict with your booking.  Therefore your deposit cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

I have done a trial.  When do I need to confirm my special day booking?

We encourage you to look at your makeup outdoor, indoor and in different lightings.  We do not pressure you into paying a deposit right after the trial.  However, bear in mind that after the trial we are not obliged to vacate the special day for you unless we have received a deposit.

How much time in advance do I need to make a booking?

Typically we receive enquiries 9-12 months in advance.  However, in many occassions we are able to look after clients with a much shorter notice.  Working as a team allow us to expand our capacity efficiently.

When is the balance due?

The balance is due 28 days prior to service.  Once paid, the balance is strictly non-refundable.

Can I add my mother-in-law to the list after I made a booking?

If you need extra services please let us know as soon as possible.  We will try our best to look after your needs as long as we have capacity.  An additional deposit will be required.

My mother changed her mind.  She does not want to have her hair done anymore.  Can I take her off the list?

You may not reduce the number of booked services once you have made your balance payment or less than 28 days prior to the special day, whichever is earlier.

Otherwise you may reduce the number of makeup application or hairstyling you have booked, subject to payment of a cancellation fee (See our booking terms and conditions at the bottom of the page).

Can I change the time or location of my booking?

We will try our best to accommodate your changes as long as they do not impact on our other appointments on the same day.



Are there any discounts or packages for large group booking?

The Faces Makeup and Hair Team is highly sought after for wedding bookings.  Our standard prices are published and can be downloaded here.  We offer extremely competitive pricing for the quality of service we provide.  As such we do not provide further discount off our published prices.

We offer student rates for school formals (Monday to Friday only).  Please visit here for further information.

For large group hens parties and school formals, please visit here for further information.

Are there any discounts for short hair blow dry?

Yes.  Please refer to our price list.

Do the hairstyling prices include hair accessories?

We do not include hair accessories in our hairstyling prices.  For hygienic reasons we do not provide hair accessories, but we will be able to place or incorporate your accessories into the updo.


Preparation for the special day

What can I do to prepare for my special day?

At the time of your booking, we will give you an estimated start time of arrival.  Please make sure the ladies will be ready to start at that time. 

To assist us, ladies booked for hairstyling services should have their hair washed and blow dried the night before, without any leave-in treatment applied.  They should also stop using silicone-based hair products (including shampoo, conditioner, leave-in treatment and hair serum) as soon as possible.  Residual silicone left on hair can negatively affect our work.

Ladies who booked for makeup services should have their skin cleansed and moisturised.  If necessary, contact lenses should be worn before makeup application.

For the best possible makeup application result, we recommend ladies to have their eyebrows shaped approximately 3 days prior to the special day.  As trained makeup artists but not beauty therapists, our legal liability insurance policy does not protect you against any accidents in performing beauty treatment procedures.  Contact our stylists for recommendation of a brow specialist near you.

Do I need to provide parking space?

Yes.  This will help us to start your makeup application and hairstyling on time.  If you are unable to provide parking space, we will use the closest available parking facility.  Please reimburse your stylist(s) any costs associated with parking by cash on the day.

Can I use sunscreen?

Some common ingredients in sunscreen (including zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) may reflect flash light in photos.  Using sunscreen with these ingredients may not give you the best camera finish.  Please check with your stylists if you wish to use sunscreen on the day.